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FSTNW’s Focus

Due to the extreme increase in mental health problems in the USA, we are dedicated to providing insights and statistics into how mental health in the USA is becoming more worrisome every year.

We are dedicated to helping people understand why awareness should be raised constantly to help those who are too afraid to speak up on their mental health issues.

Many people today feel as if they have to find a job, get married, buy a home and start a family in order to be successful. This mentality leaves little room for growth or self-discovery. The truth is that success does not come overnight – it takes time and effort, but the rewards are certainly worth it! With personal development, one can easily achieve self-awareness and confidence in no time while learning life skills to further progress in life.

Personal development statistics around the world have proven that those who put in the effort and take the time to develop themselves are much more successful than those who do not. The biggest barrier to success, however, is often ourselves. We all have self-doubts and negative thoughts that hold us back from achieving our goals and dreams.

Start your journey into self-discovery and personal development with advice and tips from FSTNW. Articles found here are focused on mental health and personal development.